Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Random Stuff.

Jaron walked up to me today with his drink and lifted my shirt and put the straw in my belly button..."I think the baby needs a drink mommy"

Jonah bumped his ear on the coffee table today so hard that he cried for 35 minutes straight....I almost took him to the doctor....but when stepping outside the door he IMMEDIATELY stopped crying I decided it must not have been that bad.

Jacob woke up Sunday morning in a very helpful mood. As soon as I opened my eyes and walked in the kitchen he said "mommy can I help you fold the clothes?" He also cleaned his room and wiped off the counter after making a mess with his cereal. Quite the little gentleman (when he's having a good day) :-)

Baby is still growing as far as I know. Know pain or puking or anything really. I am feeling a little bit of a pooch down low and I know I will be HUGE soon. I go Thursday for my first ultrasound at the specialist. I am anxious, nervous and excited. I hope everything is ok with the baby and I hope we get some good clear images to post online and show the boys.

The boys kiss my belly daily and talk to the baby. Jonah has learned to say his prayers and he loves it so much we pray before naptime and bedtime. It goes like this "thank you Jesus for today, church, Bible, preacher, cross, mommy, daddy, jacob, jaron, baby belly, nanny, oma, peepaw, granna, pappa, meme, pepe Jesus name amen." Sometimes we add other people but this is all he will sit still for right now. It's so cute to hear him but can't get him to do it all on camera yet. Maybe Chris can hide and record for me....

Another tooth brush went in the toilet today.... :-P GROSS!!!