Saturday, May 29, 2010

Just Us...

Jonah tried out his "Big Boy Bed" in his room today. He still sleeps in the crib and hasn't figured out how to get out on his own yet. But I thought I might try to get him comfortable in this twin bed. He LOVED it during the day with the lights on and playing and watching himself in the mirror. But when it was bedtime he was NOT ready to sleep there. So we'll try again later. (No's not like we have a baby on the way who needs the crib or anything.) :-D
Our boys relaxing after a bath watching "Kipper the Dog" before bedtime.

Jonah eating donuts and Jaron just had to jump in the picture...

Jonah got a sucker from the bank and now he looks like a smurf!

One of the girls I babysit owns this HUGE poodle. Her name is Pearl. They rescued her. She's old and is blind in one eye. She has arthritis but is very sweet. Her car broke down in my drive way so she brought the dog inside for a while to get out of the heat. We used to have a teacup poodle so Pearl was a GIANT to the boys!!!