Monday, April 05, 2010

I am so thankful for..

Jesus dying on the cross for my sins.
God sending me my husband right on time.
Our 3 boys He's given us.
Our house to live in and food to eat.
My husbands great job that enables me to stay home with our boys.
Christian friends and family.

Now does anyone have any good ideas on how to instill thankfulness into children. I don't like wasting food so we had leftovers for dinner and Jacob says to me "I just had that yesterday, I don't like this at all"

So of course without thinking first I said to Chris "Daddy I think we need to drop Jacob off in Africa for a couple of weeks and see how he likes it over there, only eating one meal per WEEK"

Then Jacob said to me "NO NO NO....almost in tears so I said "Well be thankful you have food on your plate and stop complaining"

How do I teach him to be grateful? Take him to see people in a homeless shelter? Show him pictures of poor countries online? He's 7 years old and picking up a little attitude from some kids at school.

Oh by the way he cleared his plate tonight. :-D    so maybe my way worked!