Friday, February 05, 2016

He sees what we don't

 When Chris had to go out of town last week for his grandfather's funeral, I was scared. I was nervous about driving in the snow 2 hours home from the airport with our boys and without Daddy. I was scared to be in this new house in a new neighborhood alone. It was definitely not something I was excited about. But I am so glad God knows whats ahead of us. He clears the way. We saw snow on the forecast the day he flew out and I was panicking inside worried about the drive. But on the way there we passed so many snow plows scraping the other side of the interstate (for me). It just reminded me how God sees our future. He makes a way when there seems to be no way.
We pulled out of our driveway and our windshield had about 6 inches of snow on it. It was so light and powdery it wiped right off. We might not have been sure about our long drive but God knew my fear. I already prayed asking Him to clear up the weather. It was windy but the snow stopped after I dropped off Chris at the airport and the roads were clear! Praise the Lord! It's those little things I pray for that might seem so minor to you but they are important to God. He knows our fears and our desires. I am so thankful he kept my husband safe and brought him back home to us.