Saturday, January 11, 2014


So I finally made a doctor's appointment for myself and I went back for my shoulder and back muscles that have been hurting for months. She was very thorough and sympathetic for me and how have I dealt with this so long?

She noticed how swollen the muscles in my back were on the right side and suggested I start back on the muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds again. But this time instead of taking them only at night she said the muscle relaxers will help this heal if I take them 3 times a day as directed. The only problem with that is they make me drowsy.

She also sent me to the other office for an x-ray to make sure there wasn't anything else wrong. To my surprise the x-ray tech pointed out my spine is curved. She of course is not a doctor and was not diagnosing me with anything but she was nice enough to give me a copy of my x-rays on a disc.

I wonder if it's always been curved or is this something recent because of the swollen muscle or is this what caused the swollen back muscle??? I have so many questions now. Was I born with scoliosis and is that why I have headaches? Is there a cure or a way to fix this?

I am not sure but I have been taking the muscle relaxer for 5 days straight and it makes me so drowsy. I have a follow up with the doctor next week then an appointment with physical therapy next week also. I hope we can get this fixed so I can get back to normal {whatever that is}