Thursday, January 03, 2013

Field Trip to INK

We stayed out New Years Eve entirely too late. Enjoying fireworks and a bonfire with family we didn't get home and in the bed until 11:30pm. But our boys are usually in the bed by 8pm so waking up new years day was later than usual. We wanted to take the boys on a field trip somewhere indoors because it rained all day. I had a reminder email about INK~Interactive Neighborhood for Kids giving homeschool families 1/2 price on the 1st tuesday of the month. So we mustered up the energy and packed our lunches for our first "field trip".

Come to find out there was a mistake in the email reminder. It's actually homeschoolers 1/2 price day on the second Tuesday of every month!!! But the lady was nice enough to give us the discount anyway.