Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Switched On Schoolhouse

I started the boys homeschooling August 1st. Jacob is doing Switched On Schoolhouse and he loves it! I am so happy with it. I joined an online class the other night to learn more about it's features. I can make Jaron's report card through the program even though he's not using the curriculum yet. He is currently doing Time4Learning online. But I just input the lessons I want him to do each day and when he completes them I insert his grades so it keeps records for me. So nice to be organized and glad to know that I can reuse the same curriculum for up to 5 children. So every year I'll buy another grade level and just pass them down as we go.

I can create my own calendar and keep up with activities we do that count as "Educational". It keeps a running total of "school days" so we make sure we are meeting the state requirements.

I am so thankful I can teach our children at home and keep them close to me and incorporate the Bible in our daily lessons. I plan on using this program for years to come and I hope you will consider it too for your children. If you have any questions please feel free to ask me. I have included an advertisment for Switched On Schoolhouse on the right side of this blog.