Saturday, November 19, 2011

What A Weekend!

It all started when I thought someone stoled my WIC envelope with vouchers for free baby formula inside. I couldn't find it anywhere and I panicked! I called Walmart cause that's where I always shop and they said it was not in lost and found. So since it was after 5 and WIC was closed for the weekend I had to put that in the back of my mind and wait until Monday to call them and report it.

Then today I went to Walmart and stopped to get gas on the way home and after filling up the van would not crank! I had Justus with me and just one cold item (frozen stauffers lasagna) so I called Chris and he had to put the other 3 boys in his truck ( one without his required car seat) and come help me. So after he hooked it up to the jumper cables and gave me a charge it was fine.

I got home and stuck the lasagna in the oven and with just 20 minutes left the power went off!!! OMGOSH! So after a phone call to the power company and no luck relighting the pilot light on our new ELECTRIC start oven we decided to take the core temperature of the lasagna and it was 130 so I think it was pretty done.

After lighting every candle in the house because Jonah was panicing and Justus was about to panic, we sat down at the table as a family and had our lasagna in the beautiful candle light.

Then we noticed the power company out there diligently working so as it got dark we got the flashlights out and tried to make the best of it. Daddy hung a flashlight from the ceiling fan so they could play Disney Wheel of Fortune.

I boiled water to make a warm bottle of formula for Justus because he is finished nursing. Oh yeah I didn't tell you. Yeah he's done. My supply got really low so I gradually weened him and pumped less and less throughout the last 2 weeks. He is doing great on the formula too by the way. Something I was worried about.

After the games it was time for every ones nightly milk and then we brushed teeth in the candle light. The house was starting to get cold so they all put on their "zipper pj's" and we read the Bible and said our prayers and the boys got in the bed. Then after 3 1/2 hours without power every light in the house came on simultaneously!

All this while Me, Justus, Jaron and Jonah are sick with cough, runny noses and congestion. I hope we get some sleep tonight.