Monday, October 31, 2011

What a relief!

We have implented a new plan to get our boys to behave. Jacob and Jaron know the value of money and Jonah is learning too. And they get excited when they have some of their own birthday money to spend and I want to help them save more. So even though we don't have a lot of extra to give~a little bit is all it takes to get them excited.

I have learned to let go of my perfectionist ways and let them fold the clothes, empty dishwasher, and so much more of the household chores that I cannot always keep up with. Making it fun for them and exciting to earn money for it. Even if it's only 50 cents to fold laundry they are happy to help. Jonah is asking all day long "mommy can I do a favor?" 

Jacob helps with bigger things like holding the baby when he's fussy or holding his bottle for him to drink while I cook dinner. Jaron is saying "yes ma'am all the time and I didn't even say anything about manners with this new plan. I just told them if they misbehave I have to take money away. That includes arguing, fighting, talking back, pitching a fit and talking ugly.

I have discovered they are so much more willing to help. And they love to empty their piggy banks on the counter and count their coins. So when the bad behavoir happens and we have to take some away....they are not very happy to say the least. It has helped with Jonah's temper tantrums and Jaron is learning to control himself and not wrestle so much.

I hope we are able to keep this up and hopefully this will teach them that earning money is hard work so when we buy things with our money we want to take care of it because we know how hard it was to save for that.

I want to make a chart with each "favor" or chore listed and it's value but this headache will just not allow it to happen. So for now I'll keep my wheels turning on exactly how I want to make it one day soon I'll get it on paper for the boys to see.

Maybe I'll get some sleep tonight....if Justus allows.