Monday, June 27, 2011

Potty Time

Well lets just imagine for a minute you have 4 children ages 8, 5, 3 and 6 months....and you are at walmart with a cart FULL of groceries. Then the dreaded "I gotta pee pee mommy! Well if you can't imagine because you've never had this many kids let me tell you what it's like.

This is how it happens for me almost every time we go somewhere an daddy isn't always with us. Because Jonah is recently potty trained I walk/run to the bathroom with the boys following me. If I'm at walmart with a cart full of groceries I usually have the baby in his car seat but I can't take the buggie in the bathroom if it's full so I have to take him out and carry him in the bathroom. Jacob and Jaron want to go in the "Men's" bathroom but that's not gonna happen so I take them in with me in the women's hoping the "BIG" stall is available.

We all get in there and the first words out of my mouth "DON'T TOUCH ANYTHING!" So I have to say this is where having all boys comes in really handy. Whoever gets their pants pulled down first goes pee. Even if they don't have to go "Try to pee anyway" (so we don't have to come back in this nasty bathroom). Jonah is too short to reach the toilet so I have to help him pull his pants down and let him stand on my shoes toes so he can reach~all while holding the baby.

So now that they've all peed guess what ~ Mommy needs to go really bad because I drank a coke before we left the house so I wouldn't fall asleep and now I gotta pee. So how do I do this holding a baby? Well after having 4 kids I have learned that ANYTHING is possible. I have mastered the art of nursing a baby while doing anything so sitting him in my lap is a cinch. Only thing is I have 4 boys so I tell the other 3 to turn around and count the tiles on the wall for a smidgen of privacy. While holding the baby with one arm I hover over the potty trying to reach the toilet paper. One boy turns around and asks "Mommy are you pooping?" so loud in a public bathroom. "No I'm not pooping this is how girls pee pee".

So I flush the toilet with my shoe and they all want to wash their hands because playing in a sink of water is FUN! But I can't dry them all while holding the baby so I say "No we are not washing hands today!" (but then I realize how gross that sounded) We get back to our buggie full of groceries and I buckle the baby back in his car seat. I dig frantically for the GERM-X in my bag. So we all "wash" our hands with germ x and pray that I can get home quickly before someone has to poop.