Sunday, March 06, 2011

Saturday project

I found these cute little wooden vehicles in the craft section at walmart last week. They were only 97 cents and I knew right away the boys would love them. I already had the paints at home so I saved them for Saturday. When they are bored and it was raining outside so they couldn't go out. I surprised them "Look what I got!!!" and they were so excited! :-D

 Here are some pictures of the older boys' bedroom.  I posted on here about it the other day but didn't have any pictures yet. So here they are. Toy Story decorations and they glow in the dark!!!
 The brown shelf with baskets is new. If you know me at all you know that each basket is designated for a certain kinda of toy. Like balls, legos, people, games, and there is always one for misc. Also noticed the decals are up high enough so the little ones can pick them off the walls.
They love their new blankets too. We also bought a bed tent but one of the poles got broken so I put it away for now.