Monday, October 25, 2010

Toilet Trouble

Jacob is almost as tall as me. Jaron is getting taller but he's still having a hard time gaining weight. Jonah is also getting taller and only weighs 2 lbs. less than Jaron. I sure do hope Jaron learns to like food one day.
School is going good. Jacob went on a field trip to a park/museum last week. Jaron is going to a pumpkin patch Friday.

We had a yardsale and someone gave us this. Jaron had fun playing with it.
Last SaturdayJonah was in the bathroom with a little plastic cup the boys use to rinse after brushing their teeth. (disposable kind) Chris's phone rang so he walked out for a minute and Jonah came to me and said "Mommy cup in the potty" I said what? He said "Cup went down the potty" so I went in the bathroom to see if it was floating in the water. The toilet was running because he just FLUSHED it!!! I did not see a cup in there. I hoped he was telling me wrong. So I planned to tell Chris when he got off the phone but I forgot because I was getting ready for my baby shower. He went to use the bathroom and it overflowed. Then I remember.... :-D He plunged the toilet for an hour hoping the cup would pass through but it wasn't budging. So I went to the baby shower and he was watching all 3 boys so couldn't really take it apart then. After talking to my dad and my great uncle we decided he could remove the toilet and get the cup out himself. After calling a plumber who wanted to charge $200. Sunday morning the toilet overflowed again at 6am and soaked the floor so it was time...The kids were all in the bed so he did it! All by himself. He wasn't sure he could do it because he's never done any plumbing of any kind but we took the advice and it was SIMPLE....NASTY but simple. It took him all of one hour from start to finish. The cup is out and the toilet works fine now. Now the shower is broke.... :-(