Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Honey Buns & Ketchup...

...not together of course.

Jaron eats a banana or oatmeal every morning before school and he is also signed up for school breakfast every day just incase he wants to try something they are serving. So today his teacher wrote in his agenda that he took a couple of bites of a honey bunn. OMGOSH!!! He has never had one of those but he seems to be increasingly more interested in new foods. I almost cried I was so happy when I read that.

Than at dinner tonight I dipped one of his chicken nuggets in ketchup and just put it in his mouth without him seeing it or getting the chance to turn it down. He ate it and I dipped another one and left it on his plate for the next bite. I turned my head for a second and he swallowed the peas and mashed potatoes in his mouth and picked up the nugget with ketchup and put it in his mouth. Then he smiled really big at me and said "I like it!" So that was really the first time he's willing eaten ketchup and discovered he likes it.

I am so thankful he is coming out of his shell. Slowly but surely I pray he will eat like a normal child one day. My heart breaks to see him as little as he is now. I know it could be worse...but he's my baby and I worry about all of them eating healthy and growing up.

Right now we all seem to be fighting the pollen as we usually do this time of year. Jaron is coughing in his sleep right now as I am typing. Jonah is hoarse from yelling and fussing all day for 3 or 4 days now. Jacob came home with what was most likely a sinus headache yesterday.

Jaron also told me he saw a boy with a lunchable with reeses peanut butter cup in it. I asked him if he wanted one and he said yes so Friday when I go shopping I'm going to get him a lunchable and see if he eats it. Oh and he discovered over the weekend that he likes Nutter Butter cookies!!!

Jacob gets to pick what days he brings his lunch or eats at school. I don't mind either way. So when he does eat at school he chooses the salad option most of the time. He's smart and wants to eat healthy. I love this child and his tender heart. But if he continues to get in trouble for talking at school (3rd time today) then I am going to have to start taking away things like tv time or playing outside or something.

I am trying to finish Jonah's baby book since I have another baby coming and I want to get ahead and start his book before he is born. Still not decided on a name for him but I'm sure we will soon.

Goodnight.....my eyes are closing sitting in this chair.