Monday, August 16, 2010

Headaches & Heartburn

Well I have officially started getting heartburn....DAILY. I had it with all my previous pregnancies so it was to be expected. The old wives tale about the baby having hair if you have heartburn is not true. My boys were all bald until they were 1 yr old. This is just simply from being big and the baby pressing on my stomach causing reflux.

I also have a sinus infection. I suffered for 2 weeks with headaches daily and then realized I needed some antibiotics to kick this thing. I have this weird problem with taking pills (they always get stuck in my throat) so I have to request liquid antibiotics (NASTY) but a lot easier to swallow. Feeling much better now and it's only been 3 days taking it.

Haven't taken any more pictures but I know I should. My boys are growing up so fast. Jacob is almost as tall as me. Jaron loves school and they have started riding the bus in the morning now too. I got a call from Jaron's teacher Friday. She said they have too many kids in their classes (25) and they are bringing in another kindergarted teacher this week from a local school. They randomly selected 5 kids from each class to put in the new class. Jaron was on the list. She wanted to talk to me about it. She told me he is doing GREAT! She said "you have a smart kid on your hands, and whatever you're doing at home is working". She said he got up and read a book with her to the class. She didn't ask him, he just did it. In her words "He's just very secure with himself". She also told me that beside each childs name on the list they are listed as "high, med, or low". This is regarding their entry evaluation over the summer. Jaron was listed as high. He read the lady the whole book that day we signed him up for kindergarten. So that made me feel really good coming from his teachers. She did say he has to be "redirected" several times a day but no big deal. So he starts in the new class Wed. but I am going to meet her Tues to fill her in on Jaron's history. I think it's helpful if they know his past.