Thursday, July 08, 2010

We've Decided His name....

Jude Andrew. Chris and I both liked different things and I was having a hard time deciding. I'm not sure if it's because I don't really feel pregnant or haven't felt him move a lot. I just wanted to wait a while longer. But Chris was very anxious to start calling him by his name and we agreed on Jude. We like it because it's biblical and Chris likes it because it's only one syllable. Andrew is also Biblical and means "Manly". And my maiden name is also Manley so that was a given. It has to be Andrew.

So Jude Andrew Cote is on his way. I went to the doctor today for a regular check up and his heartbeat was 135 bpm and I've only gained about 5 lbs. My blood pressure is normal. Thank God I've never had any blood pressure problems with my previous pregnancies. I go back in 4 weeks and she said the will do another ultrasound to look at his growth and heart and everything. This will be at my regular doctor not the specialist. So it's just routine, nothing to worry about. I love getting more pictures of him. I am starting to feel him move more when I sit down or lay down after eating. It seems more real to me when I can feel him. I guess with 3 boys and babysitting 3 kids I really don't have time to think about it.

Well school starts for Jacob and Jaron in 5 weeks and I am so worried about how Jaron will do for lunch time. I am still giving him 3 pediasures every day along with having him eat 3 smaller meals a day. He takes so long to eat I have him taste what we are eating but don't give him full portions. So we follow each meal with a pediasure.

Anyway, one more night of vacation bible school and I am exhausted. It's been a busy week but so worth it. Two kids have already gotten saved!!! I gotta go to bed. Babysitting starts at 7:30am!!!