Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Overdue Update....

Well where should I start...Jonah has a virus and he's been puking and having diahrea for 2 days. I'm worried about him, trying to keep him hydrated. He is sleeping now but not sure how long. He woke up at 3am this morning and puked all over me and he floor. I am so glad the other boys aren't showing any signs of it so far. I am wondering if he got it from VBS or maybe from the quick visit we made to the hospital. You know that place is covered in germs. I am sorta a germafobe. I wipe counters and highchairs a lot and I love germx and babywipes for cleaning everything. Jonah wanted me to hold him all day...crying "I wanna hold you" and I would hold him sitting but that wasn't good enough, he would cry again saying "Stand up walk around" so I told him I can't he's too big and it hurts my back and my belly to stand with him. Then he just keeps saying "get up". ALL DAY LONG. I felt so bad so I walked with him off and on all day sitting and standing hold my 32 lbs. two year old. He had lots of gas and never wanted to be put down. I had to sit him in the bathroom floor just so I could pee. Poor baby I feel so sorry for him. So I took him to the doctor today and they had him pee in a cup and said he was almost dehydrated and had shown some signs of a fever but nothing they could do it was just a virus. So I bought him some gatorade. He won't drink it though....only water. Maybe tomorrow will get better.

So let me think what have I been doing these last few weeks??? I am just more tired I guess and seemed a little more busy without any time to think about blogging or even read other blogs. Going to Boston then coming back home and doing VBS for a week was exhausting so I am trying to get back on track here.

Chris is so great about doing the laundry THANK GOD! And some days after babysitting 3 little ones and my own 3 boys I am too tired to do anything else. I load the dishwasher and go to bed! I have noticed that if I miss a few days of my prenatals I will get a headache every day! I guess thats why I get headaches...not enough vitamin rich foods. So I missed my vitamins the whole week of bible school and had a headache almost every day. I tried to get back taking them monday and tuesday but I never found time today so maybe tomorrow morning will be better. One big reason I put them off is because I have a problem taking pills. They always get stuck in my throat so I have to take them with food. Basically eat something to push them down. It's weird I know but that's why I dread it every day. So no headache today :-D

Chris went to church tonight and suprised me with a milkshake from zaxby's when he got home. I haven't had a milkshake in a year or more. It was so GOOD but I am not sure how my stomach will handle it. I am pretty sure I'm lactose intolerant.

Jacob asked me yesterday if the baby gets light in my stomach when I open my mouth. ;-D I laughed so hard. It was so sweet and he was so serious. Kids are so innocent. I need to show him a diagram of the human organs so he sees it not just one big open belly....there are sections. Jacob is so sensitive and seems to be more and more afraid of sleeping in his room at night lately. I have made him aware of "bad people" out there in the world so he will stop hiding from me in walmart. I just told him some people like to kidnap children and you have to stay with mommy or someone might take you. He has started coming out of his room almost every night saying he heard something tapping on his window or he saw a shadow. I just tell him to pray for Jesus to put a hedge of protection around our house while we sleep and he tears up just talking about it. He's so sweet.

Jaron is gaining weight!!! I think he has calmed down a little since he's five now. I was pretty sure he was ADD but maybe not. He's very smart and I watch him do things in his room playing. He is very detailed and pays attention to instructions. I can tell him 3 things to do and he'll remember and do all 3 if he's not distracted by the tv. :-D He is slowly learning to taste new foods. He voluntarily asked to taste some Trix cereal the other day and said he liked it. He also had a huge peice of bubble gum for about an hour which is very good for his chewing issues. He is 37 lbs. right now. We are still giving him 2 pediasures daily and I am still nervous about school starting in 4 weeks. He does seem to be swallowing a little faster and not taking an hour to eat a sandwich anymore....We often can get him to finish in 30 min with a lot of coaching and begging.

Jonah is 32 lbs. and loved to eat before he got sick. He's talking more and more and has decided that the baby in my belly is HIS baby. He won't let anyone else touch my belly. It's really sweet and I can't wait to see how they behave when Jude arrives. I am feeling movement more and more lately. Jonah loves ketchup, peanut butter, purple grapes, white donuts and much more that I can't think of right now. He is so precious but he's also stepped into the "TERRIBLE TWOS" phase. He wants all the toys and noone else can have them. He screams and crys if he doesn't get his way. I have learned that this is just a PHASE and it will pass. After 3 this 4th one should be a BREEZE!

Thanks for reading if you made it this far. Sorry to all my faithful (grandparents) readers for taking so long to update. I am just tired as you would expect. I'll try to get back on a regular routine soon. Oh and if Jonah is better I've promised the boys a trip to the park so maybe we'll get some pictures while we're there.