Monday, March 29, 2010


I was in my van today driving down the road and noticed a "christian gifts" store located about 50 feet from a liquor store....kinda ironic

I often tell the boys "get off the coffee table!" and then I find myself sitting on the coffee table to tie their shoes or something....not ironic...that's kinda misleading...I mean ~ mommy's on the coffee table so why can't they jump off of it or stand on it and dance? Poor table is falling apart....should we get a new one and hope they don't break it or wait until they are moved out to by new furniture? :-D

I got some stuff done today making appointments and researching some things online...Feels good to take care of business. I suprisingly don't have a headache and seem to be getting them less these days. THANK GOD!

While putting Jaron to bed tonight I was laying on his bed talking to him and the whole time we talked his hand was rubbing my cheek and I said "why are you rubbing my cheek?" he said "Because I love your face!" If my boys only knew how much I love them....I check on them 2-3 times before I go to bed...I hear their every cough during the night and sometimes they talk in their sleep. I am always partially awake for their every need. Motherhood changes they way we think, eat, sleep and even the way we talk. But it's all for the better.

I wrote a poem about being a mother: