Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Some things I love....

I love it when my husband and I get things done like a well oiled machine without even discussing it first. I mean dinner, homework, baths, bedtime story.....we are a great team.

I love it when my 7 year old comes up to me out of no where and says "I just love you mommy" he suprisingly doesn't even notice I'm not wearing make up or still in my pj's with my hair in a messy clip. He just loves me.

I love it when my almost 2 year old comes to me with his arms out and says "hold you" precious.

I love it when my 4 year old comes to me from across the room with his lip puckered saying "I need a kiss".

I love it when they eat all the dinner I cook and everyone is full and there aren't any leftovers.

I love it when my husband doesn't complain if I didn't plan a full dinner. Whether it's fish sticks or spaghetti he's happy and never complains.

I love it when I lay in the floor and my boys come to lay up close to me. They really just want to be loved. No matter how impatient I am or how many times they get a spanking they still love me regardless.

I love it when Jacob (7) tries to say things he's not quite sure how to pronounce or thought he was saying it right. Like yesterday he said "Hey Jonah do you want a piggy bank ride?"

I love it when Jaron (4) writes his name on a little piece of paper and brings it to me saying "Look what I made for you!!!" with the biggest smile so proud of what he did and can't wait to see me happy.

I love it when I ask Jonah "do you love me?" and he says "uh hu I do" adorable...

I love it when my husband and I think of new ways to save money...

I love it when my husband buys me flowers for no reason or gets me card just because.

I love it when the boys are all asleep and I and sit down to relax but sometimes the silence is lonely.

I love it when I read another moms blog and I see that I am not the only one who struggles daily to balance out my time with children, husband, housework and self. It's a struggle and I'm learning to accept that no one is perfect.

I love watching Jaron help Jonah undress himself when we get home from church and Jonah stands there and lets him. so sweet....

I love hearing Jacob read and watching him get off the bus and wave to the bus driver.

There are so many things that make me smile ~ these are just some of them.

One thing I always said if I was rich I would pay someone to play with my hair all day long ~ it's so relaxing and I LOVE IT!