Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Family Games

I guess it was last summer we started playing games with the boys almost every night at bedtime. Jonah goes to bed about 7:30 and the boys take turns picking which game they want to play. Well we started out with just this one "Sorry Sliders" But then for christmas we told everyone that's what they wanted was some kids games. So now we have them all. Connect Four, Hungry Hungry Hippo, Wheel of Fortune Jr., Yahtzee Jr. Checkers, Snakes and Ladders, Uno Attack, Gone Fishing, Scrabble Jr. and some more I can't remember them all. This is our time to turn the tv OFF and spend some quality time with our boys. They love it and look forward to this time. I can't wait until Jonah gets old enough to join in the fun.

Jaron told me again today in the car that he wants to marry me. I love that child. We were going to their dentist appointment they both got their teeth cleaned today. Jacob's bottom front teeth are too crowded and will need braces. Jaron has 2 cavities but they told me that the Pediasure we give him is HORRIBLE for their teeth. She said it's one of the worst things. But he has to have it. He just does not eat enough. He's going to be 5 in June and he is only 34 lbs. I am seriously running out of ideas and feeling a little desperate for help for him. I can't wait to go to Boston and talk to them about him pocketing food still. I've been researching tongue thrusting and the dentist told me today he does it. That means he is pushing his tongue forward when he swallows because his top jaw is smaller. Normally when a person swallows you should put your tongue on your palate. She also told me his palate was very shallow. Please pray we find an answer for his eating problems and one day he will learn to love food.