Sunday, December 30, 2007

My Glucose Test

Well I went to the doctor Wednesday. I had to drink the glucose drink before I went in and then they drew blood to check for gestational diabetes. I went up to see my doctor and she was glad to see I finally gained some weight. She also said I passed the glucose test "with flying colors". I was kinda suprised since I had so many minature heath bars the night before. But I have never had that in previous pregnancies so I didn't think it would be a problem this time. I am not even swelling around my ankles with this one either. I think it's because I am pregnant in the winter. It is nice not to be so hot all the time. I am drinking my 64oz a day trying to prepare for the upcoming ultrasound Jan 9th. The more I drink, the more fluid builds up around the baby and it makes the ultrasound pictures come out more clear. We are thinking of taking the boys with us to this one. If they will behave I think they will enjoy it. It might be our last ultrasound and this might be our last baby so I wanted to let them go. We have decided on a name, JONAH AVERY. It's final I am tired of talking about it. We are sticking with it and Jacob keeps saying he's glad we picked a name too. Anyway, check back Jan. 9th for some more ultrasounds.