Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Ultrasounds today!!!

Well here they are. Photos of our baby on the way. These are 3D. We have a video he made us in 4D realtime but I can't download on my computer. We saw the baby yawn and move it's arms around. Hope you can tell what you are looking at here. It's kinda hard to explain. I will say the head is at the top of each picture and to the left of each, the big bright thing is the placenta. So it's like the baby is leaning up against it. Or should I say squished up against it. They did say the lip looks intact and we are pretty positive there will be no cleft lip. It is too early to tell about the palate we have to wait until I am about 28 weeks when it is calcified to see on ultrasound. As far as the sex of the baby.....well they did say that at this stage in pregnancy the female parts are swollen and extraverted (kinda) so it's hard to tell. But he still thinks from what he saw today that it is a boy. So I go back Oct. 31st for more pictures and some more definate answers.