Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Daddy's Little Boy

Well Jaron has grown very fond of daddy over the last few months. He likes to lay in the bed with Chris and on the couch with him a lot. He go into his room and gets a blanket from his crib and brings it to the couch to lay with daddy. It's adorable.
They were ready for church but Jaron can't wait to see the picture on the camera so I said smile and he is running toward me before the camera clicked. "I wanna see!"
We got some silly teeth from a candy machine or something and thought this would a moment to capture. He walked around with them in for a few minutes. He knew it was funny. I ask Jaron "Where is mommy's baby?" and he pats my belly with both hands and says "baby belly". And he also will just come up to me at any given time and lift my shirt to kiss my belly.