Sunday, May 20, 2007

Splashing in the Pool

Well I let them play in the little pool last week but it just wasn't warm enough. I just filled it up so the water was kinda cold but they didn't seem to care. Even though it was 80 degrees here the trees give a lot of shade so there is only a 2 hour window when they can go in the water. I don't want them in it when the sun is behind the trees.

My boys love the water. They would have played all day if I let them. They only way I could bribe them to get out was to get in the bath...MORE WATER! Jaron is cutting about 4 teeth at once right now so nights are rough and sleep is rare. He has a new bad habit of waking up at 6AM every morning too! But that big smile when I walk in just grabs my heart and I can't resist. I have to get him out of the bed. He is hungry and ready to RUN & CLIMB! That is all he does most of the day. Maybe he will be a mountain climber when he grows up. Or in the olympics, who knows. But trust me he is GOOD!