Thursday, December 14, 2006

Good News!

Well Jaron is eating so good now, taking anything we give him. Cheerios, cheetos, goldfish, pretzels, fish stick and he even bit a chicken finger from burger king last sunday. I could not believe it. I hope this means he is over the gagging so easy and puking so much. He is only taking zantac now morning and night. I guess that is helping. Not sure and I don't want to stop the med to see if he pukes without it. I put him on our scales here at home just now and it said he weighs 22 pounds. Not sure how accurate that is but it sounds good to me! He weighed 19lbs. 5oz when he was sick and got IV fluids the other week. Thanks for praying everyone!!!

The boys' grandma was here this week and they had a blast. Or should I say we did, shopping every day and getting lots of new toys! This is a good picture I got of them the night before she left.