Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Coughing, Crying & Puking...

WHAT A RELIEF! He is asleep. Since last Wednesday Jaron has coughed puked and not eaten and barely drinking anything. The milk definately makes him puke so I have been giving him water & gatorade with a medicine dropper. He is so weak and tired. I wish my baby would get better.
This is the only thing he will do without me holding him. Watch baby einstein. Otherwise I have to hold him or he is sleeping. My back is killing me to say the least.
Now here's a cute one. He fell asleep in the living room floor and precious thought it was a good place for her to get comfortable also. His face is shiny because I put vitamin E on his dry cracking lips and on his scars. The doctors say it's just a virus and it will pass. WHEN!?!?!?!