Saturday, September 16, 2006

Growing & Climbing!!!

Well Jaron's teeth are showing better now. He has discovered how to climb on the coffee table and STAND UP on it! Also he likes to stand on that little stool and look out the window. I put that guitar on him with a belt around his back. Thought it was cute! Jacob was holding his bigger guitar. Check out his blog to see more pictures of that day. I have been weight Jaron once a month to keep an accurate log of his weight gain. He was weighed Sept. 8th and was only 20lbs. 10oz. He has only gained 2 oz since last month. I am trying to pack in the calories but sometimes he just can't take it all and pukes it up. Other times I think its the sinus drainage in his throat that gags him and causes him to puke. So when you can't do anything else for us just PLEASE PRAY FOR POUNDS!!!