Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a Miracle!

We just can't get over Jaron's new mouth and nose. We are so happy and just want to share pictures with you all. The left one is a few days old and the right one is today just before he got a bath. I know some are so anxious to see under that tape so I have to post pictures without it. Thank you all for your support and prayers. And for any of you who knew Chris was laid off March 31st and has been looking for work since then. He had a interview with Wrigley's 3 weeks ago and they finally called him to come to work!!! PRAISE THE LORD! He starts June 19th and just about what he was making at his other job. Wrigley's-you know the GUM company! They have great benefits and aren't very far from our house. Thank God because we can't afford the gas. Just had to share that great news with everyone. Jaron is starting occupational therapy Thursday to help me and help him learn to eat. He still gags when I try to feed him so we hope that gets better soon. We'll keep you posted.