Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I know I'm cute!

Jaron was sitting up in the Boppy Pillow playing with his toys and next thing I know he was asleep. He must have been pretty tired to go to sleep like this. (notice the bib) He has been sick the last few days. It started out as a cough Thursday. So Friday I took him to the pediatrician and he said it is the beginning stages of RSV. (Respitory virus) Then Saturday night he started wheezing a little so I went to the ER because RSV can be serious if you don't monitor their breathing. So the tested him for RSV with a nasal swab and it was positive and also did a chest x-ray. He had some streaking in his right lung which is caused by RSV. Since it's viral they can't give him any medicine it just has to run it's course. So we went home with nothing but a diagnosis. But it's contagious to babies and elderly so I didn't go to church Sunday and then Monday his breathing was worse so we went back to the pediatrician and they gave him and breathing treament and gave us the little nebulizer machine to bring home. Also one of his ears is infected AGAIN! He has to have 4 treatments a day for the wheezing. And antibiotics for his ear. He is not gaining any weight. I have been adding more calories to his milk and he still lost an oz. over the weekend. He is burning all his calories trying to breath. Poor little guy. Please say a prayer for him.