Friday, December 30, 2005

54 Days until Surgery!!!

Well we got a new surgery date with Jaron's new doctor and it is set for February 23rd. I am so ready. We will keep everyone posted on how things go. We will be out of town for about 7 days and I will be sure to post pictures when we return home from his surgery. Hope everyone had a good Christmas. God has been so good to us. Jaron is doing good. Holding his own bottle and growing so good. He is really trying to roll over and pushes up when he is on his belly. I can't let him stay on his tummy because he could bump his mouth so I take the NAM out and let him play a while then I put it back in. He won't drink without it now. He has gotten so used to it. He got it at 4 weeks old so when I do take it out he seems lost. Won't take his passy or anything. He still loves to chew on his fingers though. We had to get him bibs for Christmas. This boy goes through about 7 or 8 bibs a day SLOBBER. No teeth just lots of drool. Anyway let me see if I have another cute picture to post.

Ok this is Christmas day same as the last picture I just took out his nam to get him smiling/laughing without it. I just had to share this one. Enjoy!!!