Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Third trip to NYU

Well we went back to New York yesterday and it was a very LONG day. Let me start from the beginning. Our flight didn't leave until 10:12am so that was not as early as last time. The traffic wasn't bad on the way to the airport but there was NO parking. I had to park in economy way out in lala land. Ok so after my mile hike to the terminal I made it inside and Jaron was ready for a bottle so I found somewhere to sit and fed him first. Then since I had already checked in online at home I went to get me some breakfast. So we boarded the plane and he did excellent. He drank one bottle on the plane and slept the rest of the way. We got to NY it was raining and we had the car service waiting to pick us up as planned. We got to NYU and got his NAM adjusted and he was a little fussy while we were there but I think he did great! I called the car service when we were ready to go and they came and got us taking us back to Laguardia Airport. We got there and I checked in only to discover that my flight was DELAYED 2 HOURS!!! Oh man I was bummed. I did not want to sit in that airport for 2 hours with a baby. But he did good and I sat down and had some dinner. The place was packed people in the floor everywhere. I guess there was some bad weather in ATL and other places. Lots of flights were delayed. So anyway we finally took off at 9pm and got home at 12:45am. That was a very long day. He slept on the plane on the way home too so that was a blessing. I think he is getting used to flying. Well we go back Sept. 14th to NY. Better luck next time!