Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Week one with the NAM

Well we are hanging in there this week. Jaron is still drinking his bottles but sometimes I have been numbing his mouth. He has developed some sores from his NAM and we were given a dremel which can be VERY helpful in smoothing down the rough spots. We go back to ATL. Friday at 2pm and I hope they make it better. Jaron has been swatting at his NAM and it pops him in the mouth and he screams. Of course they told me that he wouldn't do that because he is so little but my child has to be the exception to the rule. Anyway, we are still having issues at night. I think he has colic. Very fussy at night with stomach pains. So please keep praying for us that things will get better and mommy can get some sleep. We go back to NYU Wed. Aug. 3rd.