Need Help?

When I found out Jaron was going to have a cleft I got online right away and this is one of the first sites I found. They have so much information.

Jaron could NOT keep ANY kind of formula down and because I already dried up my milk I searched online for donor milk banks. This is what I found and he loved it! He received donor breast milk from a mom in Chicago through the Raleigh, NC milk bank for 10 months. Our insurance even paid for it after we got the pediatrician to write a script saying he needed human donor milk. They fed ex one cooler per week to my front door, frozen in glass jars and each week I sent back the empty jars in the cooler. WHAT A BLESSING!

Because we traveled out of state for Jaron's care we needed a lot of help with travel expenses and hotel bills. There are so many organizations out there but these are the ones that we got SO MUCH help from. I mean paying thousands in airfare and hotel bills. THANK GOD!!!

We also had benefits yardsales and our family and friends at church donated SO MUCH for us to sell and they even worked for free at the yardsale. We actually flew to NYU 17 times round trip and 5 trips to Boston but we never had to pay for one flight. GOD PROVIDED! We are careful to give Him all the glory for what He's done in our lives. Read Jaron's story to learn more about why we went to NYU and Boston.