Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Bone Graft Surgery~ The full story

Jaron and I flew up to Boston Wednesday July 20th.

 He had a speech study on Thursday. They put barium in his nose and had him repeat sentences all while watching his soft palate move in the X-ray machine. We wanted to see if air is escaping out the nose when he talks, resulting in a more nasal voice. It is a little short but no rush to do a pflap surgery. It's optional.
Friday we had pre op visits at the hospital 
Being silly while we waited
Therapy dog came to the hospital to visit the kids.
Then I decided to take him to Lego Discovery center Friday afternoon. Knowing he was about to go through something very uncomfortable I was trying to make this weekend before, as fun as possible.
After a couple hours we were looking around in the gift shop and one of the managers asked me if we needed any help. I proceeded to tell him what Jaron wanted me to buy but I could not afford it. Then I told him we were here in Boston for his surgery. He asked me if we got free tickets from the hospital to get in that day. I told him no, I had to pay full price. He asked me to give him a receipt so he could refund my money.
...then he went to the back room and came back with these two boxes of Legos for Jaron approximately $75 worth of toys given to him for free!
It was $35 admission. When we walked out the door Jaron said "mommy this is the best day ever!"
Saturday and Sunday we relaxed in the hotel room chowing down on all his favorite snacks before surgery Monday morning
We had to arrive at the hospital at 6 AM Monday morning so we got up at 5 AM and called a taxi to come get us. 
All weekend he never said that he was nervous. Then we got to pre op holding Monday morning and he starting feeling nervous about the surgery. They gave him some liquid medicine to drink to calm his nerves. 
He finally went back for surgery at 8 AM and I was updated by the surgical liaison every hour and a half about his procedures. Dr. Padwa was done with the bone graft after about 3 hours. Then Dr. Mulliken stepped in and corrected Jaron's deviated septum. He also took some tissue from Jaron's hip incision and added it to his upper lip for some fullness. They came out to get me about 1 PM and said he was asking "how was mommy?" 
The first night he did not complain of pain. Only discomfort from the nasal packing. He is only allowed clear liquids for 3 days. No chewing for 6 weeks. 
Swelling peaks after 48 hrs
He walked some ~ but short distances. His hip is sore but not terrible. 

We did go outside to the hospital garden a few times and got out of the room as much as possible. 
After staying 2 nights in the hospital we were discharged back to our hotel.

 We will be staying in town for a few post op visits before we fly back home to South Dakota.
We are so thankful for all who prayed for us during this difficult time. Please continue to call his name in prayer as he recovers and struggles with only puréed food for 6 weeks. If you would like to make a donation please click on the link below.