Wednesday, May 11, 2016


The way we talk about other people is evidence of how we feel in our hearts. Constantly pointing out other peoples faults and all their past mistakes is not the way to make yourself look better.

We should try to find the good in everyone we meet. I want to befriend the one that everyone else shuns. I like to be friends with the people most would only talk about. I have a heart for those shy people or the outcasts. It breaks my heart to think of someone being left out. I never want to make someone feel like they are not good enough. I try to always put myself in the other persons shoes and how I would feel it I were in their situation.

The guilt I have when I do for myself is overwhelming at times. If I were a millionaire,  I would probably give it all away. I cannot pass a homeless person without giving them something to eat. I cannot pass a crying child in the store without trying to cheer them up. When people come over I cannot let them leave unless I give them something. The feeling I get from doing for others is indescribable.

What is so disappointing is when I am not given the same respect.

{don't get me wrong I am NOT PERFECT by any means, just very compassionate}

I wish everyone would consider others before themselves.

I wish we could all learn to think before we speak and not say things if they aren't necessary.

Life is hard and talking bad about people will only make things harder.

Be an encourager.  Make someone smile. Go the extra mile. Do unto others...

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Homemade Scented Play Dough

I recently got creative and wanted to make some all natural play dough for the kids. This is scented with essential oils and smells SO GOOD!!!