Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Settling in.....

We are settling in this nice big house, here in South Dakota. The snow comes about once a week. But it never melts from the week before. Snow boots are a must every day.

Going out to the van we all track snow in our car. And the next day we get in to go somewhere and the snow is still in the floor, never melted. It seems so strange, so different from Georgia. We had snow there in the past but it always melted the next day.

Its beautiful here. I never get tired of looking out the window. Everything is blanketed in white. Pure clean and quiet. A stray cat goes by once in a while, but not much activity outside. The boys want to play in the snow so they get all bundled up and go out but can only stand the cold for 20 minutes or so.

It's not icy like in Georgia. It's light, fluffy snow like baby powder. So light it wipes right off the windshield, 6 inches thick, with one swipe of the wipers. They are so good about cleaning off the streets here. Salting and sanding every day and scraping with snow plows all day long.

Jacob rides his bike to get the mail every day at the post office. The ground is too frozen to put in a mailbox. So we are using a PO box for now. He enjoys his bike ride but is always glad to get back inside and get warm.

No more trips to the store every day or two. Chris takes our only vehicle to work so we just stay home and do school. We have been going to get groceries on Saturday's.

I have never really liked coffee but I am drinking more and more hot tea now trying to stay warm. Bedroom slippers and robes are a must for all of us now.

The people at the church here have been so good to us. Going above and beyond to make us feel welcome. God has provided all our needs. Our church family in Georgia has gone above and beyond to take care of us also. We are so unworthy of all of this but we are thankful God is using us for His Glory!