Sunday, December 13, 2015

Moving on Up....

We have been praying for God to send a buyer or a renter for our home in GA so we can get out to South Dakota. We repaired our badly rotting back deck with the help from a man at church.

We painted the outside of the house and the shed to make it more presentable.

We have found what looks to be a good candidate for renting. Just praying for the financial support we need to make the move. So if all goes as planned we will be packing everything we have accumulated the last 13 years of being in the house and moving out to South Dakota. It's going to be quite a big job to pack and drive 1300 miles with 4 boys & a U Haul. But we know God will provide. Chris has a job out there, but its a pay cut. We are just trusting God will provide the rest. We have seen Him do too many things for us over the years so we are not going to doubt Him now.
Please remember us when you pray. They have already gotten snow in South Dakota and we will be driving out in there the first week of January.