Tuesday, September 01, 2015

When the bathtub leaks....

 Our bathroom floor was feeling a little warped in some places around the toilet so we called a company to come out for a free estimate. When they found the leak and saw some mold in the

crawlspace our insurance immediately put us in a hotel. We weren't sure how bad the mold was so they recommend we get out right away until it was all cleaned up and the leak was repaired.
 We weren't sure how bad it was until they pulled up the vinyl in the bathroom. The floor was 89% wet! So they pulled out the toilet and bath and replaced the floor with new plywood. We only have one bathroom so we were not able to stay home for 2 weeks while they completed the job.
They replaced the leaky pipes and repaired the wall which meant they had to repaint also and we got new vinyl too! Homeowners insurance paid for it all except the deductible because they did find a little mold but it was not really that bad.

 They vacuumed out the crawlspace and wiped down every inch of it covering it with plastic to keep out any moisture.
So we packed up our school work and took it with us to the hotel. It was really a challenge but we survived. There really is no place like home.