Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Accepting God's Plan for Our Lives

Sometimes we don't understand what is happening in our lives. I think God allows things in order to see how much faith we have or maybe to see if we are going to follow Him.

When we were first told about the church in South Dakota in Sept. 2014 we never imagined we would move out there. Over several months so many people had approached us about the need out there. So Chris flew out in May on a survey trip and preached for them. After coming home

and going back to work he just could not forget about them. So we all went out as a family in July for a week long revival. It is such a beautiful part of the country. I had never been there before. The people are such a blessing.

We enjoyed a nice big hotel and meals all provided by the church. They took very good care of our family while we were there.

The part that broke my heart was the lack of churches and the need for King James Bible believing churches in the area. Those folks are so hungry for the gospel.

Here in the southeast if a man preaches over an hour folks will start to get antsy and be ready to leave. After Chris preached an hour they were asking him to keep going.....WOW!

 We formed a bond with those people and we prayed for God's will. They voted Aug. 2nd 100% for my husband to be their pastor. We feel honored yet unworthy to take on such a great responsibility.

So after 13 years of being in our home here in Georgia we are going to be moving to South Dakota as soon as we can sell this house. Please help us pray for a buyer and for Chris to find a job out there.

We are raising short term support as a mission work to help us get moved out there and get established.

This is a big step for us. He is leaving a good job with great insurance.
We know God will provide our needs.