Thursday, July 23, 2015

Road Trip to South Dakota

Last week we made a road trip out to South Dakota and it was Beautiful! Our boys had never been out west and neither had I.
 We put our two suitcases on top of the van to make more room in the trunk and covered them in plastic. That was not a good idea. The plastic ended up getting shredded from all the

wind blowing it while driving. So needless to say we stopped a few times and when we ran into some rain we ended up just putting the suitcases in the trunk after all.
 I bought a few surprises at the Dollar Tree for the kids to keep the busy as much as possible and the glow sticks were a big hit!
 I also printed a page for each of the boys with all fifty state tags and that kept them searching the whole trip, circling as we found a new state tag.
 I brought 2 cookie sheets to use as a table to color, play legos or make sandwiches...
Chris drove the whole way there, 23 hours total. We stopped about 6-8 times. We both stayed awake the whole way!
 The boys switched around seats and slept off on and the whole way.
 We made a sign and sadly only got about 3 people to honk.
 The scenery out there is AMAZING! Apparently our country grows A LOT OF CORN!!!!
 That face Jacob's making is "GET ME OUT OF THIS CRAMPED VAN!"
 We packed food and drinks so we did not have to waste money eating out.
Our first night there was nice. One of the ladies from the church met us at the hotel with this laundry basket FULL of food, basket of fruit and a case of water! Gift cards for Subway, Pizza Hut and local steak house. WHAT A BLESSING! We all went to bed at 8pm that night and caught up on our sleep.
 Our boys loved the exercise room at the hotel and we visited more than once to get their energy out!

 There is a little church looking for a pastor and we have a burden for this community. Chris preached a week revival out there. They are so hungry for the gospel. After preaching an hour they were asking him to keep going. The people were so nice. They took care of our hotel bill and every day one of the families had us over for dinner or took us out to eat. It was really a relief not to have to worry about the financial part of the trip. God provided once again like He always does.

Here in GA if a preacher goes an hour most would be complaining and ready to leave. Everyone here knows the Gospel. Its so sad to me how in just a 13 mile stretch from my house to my grandmothers there are 8 churches, they are on every corner. Out there in South Dakota there is only 1 Baptist church 1 Catholic church and 1 Lutheran Church that I saw in 3 separate towns within a 20 mile radius. There are Indian reservations all around and those people need Jesus.

Please help us pray that God's will be done in our lives. We want to be where He wants us to be.

Before we left one of the church members was so nice to give us a luggage carrier to put our suitcases in on the way home. So we didn't have to worry about plastic or them getting wet.