Saturday, June 13, 2015

Homeschool for FREE

Administration: Library Organization: Elementary Printable Library Organization System

Administration: Planner Software: Homeschool Tracker

Administration: Planners, Info, Lessons (K-12): Donna Young

Administration: Planners: Homeschool Scheduling with Printables

Administration: Printable DIY Planner: 7 Step Planner

Administration: Online Planner: My Mardel Homeschool

Bible: Free Lesson Plans: Future Flying Saucers

Bible: Online Games and Activities (K-6): Adventure Bible

Fine Arts: Art History (3-12): Timeline of Art History

Fine Arts: Art Lessons (K-6): Art Projects for Kids

Fine Arts: Art Lessons (K-6): Video Art Lessons from Deep Space Sparkle

Fine Arts: Art Prints (K-12): Art Prints

Fine Arts: Artist Study (K-6): Printable, grade level art lessons from Concordia Univeristy

Fine Arts: Classical Music (K-8): Classics for Kids

Fine Arts: Music Theory (3-12): Music Theory Web

Fine Arts: Piano Lessons (K-12): Hoffman Academy

Fine Arts: Preschool Music (Pre-K-1): Musical Zoomy Lesson Plans

Foreign Language: French (K-6):  Just for Kids French

Foreign Language: German, French, Spanish (K-12) Video Lessons with Printable Lesson Plans from KnowitAll

Foreign Language: Japanese (9-12+) Japanese 1 with Video Lessons

Foreign Language: Latin (3-12): Headventure Land

Spanish/ESL (5-6): McGraw-Hill

Health: Health and Safety topics (K-12): Kids Health in the Classroom

Heath: Health Workbooks (K-6): Harcourt Health and Fitness (to use with these low cost textbooks- buy used)

History: American History (3-7): Mission US American Revolution Interactive Website

History: American History (K-12): US History

History: Ancient History (K-6): Mosaic Maps, Myths, and Marvels

Kindergarten: Lessons (K-1) Kindergarten Themes Monthly Lessons

Language Arts: Aesop Stories and Lessons (K-6): Aesop Stories

Language Arts: Audio books (K-12): Librivox Audio Books

Language Arts: Daily Grammar (K-12): Daily Grammar Lessons and Quizzes

Lists (K-4) Sight Word Vocabulary Lists

Language Arts: Early Reading (K-3) You Can Read Sight Word Program

Language Arts: Early Reading- I see Sam (K-2): I See Sam Downloadable Readers

Language Arts: Grammar (K-6): Scholastic DoDEA Workbooks

Language Arts: Grammar and Spelling  (?) National Treasures Grammar and Spelling Workbooks

Language Arts: Grammar Sentence Diagramming (K-12): Parse a Sentence 

Language Arts: Grammar Handbook (3-8): Zaner Blosser GUM Workbooks

Language Arts: Grammar- Mad Libs (K-12): Kids MadLibs

Handwriting (K-6): Donna Young Handwriting Worksheets

Language Arts: Handwriting , D’Nealian (K-2) Editable Handwriting Worksheets

Language Arts: Handwriting help (K-2) Handwriting Helps and Information

Language Arts: Handwriting: Copywork: Copycat Books

Language Arts: Literature (K-12): Manybooks

Language Arts: Literature (K-6): Classical House of Learning Literature

Language Arts: Phonics (K-3) Progressive Phonics Phonics Readers

Language Arts: Phonics (K-3) Reading Bear

Language Arts: Phonics (K-3): Reading Games with Printable Worksheets from Starfall

Language Arts: Picture Books (K-4): Read On-Screen Picture Books from We Give Books

Language Arts: Reading and Grammar (K-6) Scott Foresman Reading Workbooks

Language Arts: Reading, word families (K-3): Word Family Printables

Language Arts: Spelling (K-12) VocabSpellingCity Free Spelling Games

SightWords (K-3) Free Resources for Teaching Your Child to Read

Language Arts: Word Families (K-3): Lots of Printables and Lesson (scroll to the bottom for the Freebies)

Life Skills: Financial Literacy from the Actuarial Foundation (9-12) High School Finance Curriculum

Mathematics: Algebra from Purple Math (9-12) Algebra Video Lessons

Mathematics: Mathematics Enhancement Programme (K-6): MEP full printable curriculum

Mathematics: Comprehensive School Mathematics Program (K-6): CSMP full printable curriculum

Mathematics: Explorations and Fun with Math from the Actuarial Foundation (grades 3-8) Real World Math Units 

Mathematics: Games (K-12): Learn with Math Games

s (K-12) Xtra Math Fact Drill 

Mathematics: Games from Big Brains (multiple grades) Big Brainz Games

Mathematics: Living Books (K-6) and Ancient History Living Math 

Mathematics: Virtual math manipulatives from Utah State University (multiple grades) Virtual Manipulatives

Multiple Subjects: BBC (k-12) BBC Educational Videos

Multiple Subjects: CM curriculum (K-12) Charlotte Mason Help

Multiple Subjects: Free Textbooks, mostly science and math (9-12) CK 12 Textbooks

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum (K-12) Easy Peasy All-in-One Homeschool 

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum (K-9) Guest Hollow Little Otter’s Lesson Plans

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum (Pre-K-5) Head of the Class

Curriculum: Teach with Me

Multiple Subjects: Full Curriculum program from Ambleside (multiple ages) Ambleside Online

Multiple Subjects: Games (K-12) Family Games Downloads

Multiple Subjects: Games (K-6): Educational Games by Grade Level

Multiple Subjects: Lapbooks (K-12) Homeschool Share Lapbooks

Multiple Subjects: Lesson Plans (K-12): Lesson Pathways

Multiple Subjects: Montessori (ages 3-6): Full 40 week Montessori Lesson Plans

Multiple Subjects: Resources and Lessons (K-12): Teachers Pay Teachers Freebies

Multiple Subjects: Resources and Lessons (K-12): SAS Curriculum Pathways

Resources (K-12): Learning Page

Multiple Subjects: Topic Links (K-12) Usborne Topic Links

Multiple Subjects: Unit Studies (K-9) The Homeschool Mom Unit Studies

Multiple Subjects: Units (K-12) School Express Free Worksheets

Multiple Subjects: Videos and Lessons (3-12): Khan Academy Video Lessons and Math Help

PreK) Free Montessori Printables

Science: Anatomy (5-12): Anatomy Arcade

Science: Animal Science (K-6): National Wildlife Federation

Science: Archeology, Dinosaurs and Fossils (3-12) Earth Science Lesson Plans

Science: Astronomy (K-12): NASA Lesson Plans

Science: Biology (9-12) Quarks and Quirks High School Biology

Science: Chemistry (grades 3-6) ACS Inquiry in Action Chemistry Curriculum

Science: Chemistry, Periodic Table (K-12): Periodic Table Videos

Science: Coloring Pages (K-12): Science Coloring Pages from Home Training Tools

Science: Computer Programming (6-12): CodeAcademy

Programming (K-12): Kodu Programming

Science: Computer Programming (K-12): Scratch Programming

Science: Computer Science (K-12): Computer Science Unplugged

Science: Elementary Science (K-5): Discovery Education Free Resources

Science: Elementary Science (K-6): Howard Hughes Medical Center Resources

Science: Engineering (K-12) Teach Engeneering

Science: Engineering (K-12): Engineering Games 

Curriculum from McGrawHill (grades 1-6) McGrawHill Science Texts, Activity Books and Labs

Science: Games (K-6): PBS Kids Science

Science: Games (K-6): 24/7 Lawrence Hall of Science

Science: Geography (K-6) Gutenberg Primary Geography

Science: Geology (K-5): AGI GeoSource

Science: Life Science (1-6): Mr. Q Printable Life Science Course

Science: MIT courses (9-12): MIT OpenCourse

Science: Multiple Subject Curriculum (K-12): Science Mate Science Lesson Plans

Science: Multiple Subjects (K-12): Science Lessons

Science: National Geographic (K-6): National Geographic Kids

Science: National Geographic (K-9) Teacher Lesson Plans

Physical Science, various ‘ologies’ (K-12): American Museum of Natural History ‘Ologies

Science: Physics (K-9): Physics, and yearly free PhysicsQuest science kits

Science: Projects (K-6): PBS SciGirls

Science: Satellite Earth Science (K-12): NASA Weather Adventures 

Science: Science Journal (4-8): Natural Inquirer

Science: Videos (K-12): The Happy Scientist Freebies

Science: Virtual Museum (K-12): Virtual Museum

Science: Zoology Links (K-12): National Zoo Homework Helper

Social Science: American Folklore (K-12): Famous American Folklore

Social Science: American History (3-9): History of US

Social Science: American History (K-3): Mind Fires Academy

Social Science: Current Events (3-12) Time for Kids

Social Science: Current Events (3-12): YoungZine

Social Science: Current Events (K-12): Smithsonian TweenTribune

Social Science: Geography (K-6): World Maps

Social Science: Government (K-6): Ben’s Guide to US Government

Social Science: Greek Myths Flashcards (3-9): Greek Myths Flashcards

Social Science: History Unit Studies (2-12) Learning Through History

Social Science: History, National Archives (3-12) National Archives Teacher Lesson Plans

Social Science: Human Trafficking from Free the Slaves (grades 6-12) Free the Slaves

Social Science: Mythology (3-9):  Myth Web

Social Science: Narrative History (K-12): Macrohistory

Social Science: Talking Pyramids (K-9): Ancient Egyptian Games

Social Science: US History Timeline (3-9): History Timeline

Social Science: Vikings (K-9): Vikings Lessons from BBC

Social Science: World History (K-12): World History for Us All Lesson Plans

Social Science: World History (K-6): Little City Kids

Supplemental Resources: Information (K-12):  Free Lesson Plans

Supplemental Resources: Maps (K-12): Printable Maps

Supplemental Resources: Worksheets (k-12): Printable Worksheets

Supplemental Resources: Logic (7-12th): Self-Taught Logic