Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Baseball Season

So Jacob and Jaron played baseball this spring and they had so much fun! Even though it got rained out a couple times they made up for it with double headers. In the beginning of the season it was cold and as the weeks went by it got HOT!

The teams were split up into age groups ages 9-12 on one team. So they got to be together on the Oriels.

Sunday, May 03, 2015

Enjoying My Children

 So after Jacob and I dug up our flowers in the flowerbed to start our garden, we found TONS of worms! Which of course meant we HAD to go fishing. Daddy caught one fish and the boys enjoyed trying.
 We went to party city to shop for supplies for the Mothers & Sons ladies meeting and we had some fun playing with hats & props.
We have been stuck the house the last couple weeks with a lot of rain.
Found this wig in Books A Million! LOL

Then we had the Mother/Son ladies meeting at church and the boys enjoyed the mustaches and hats.