Saturday, June 28, 2014

Jaron's Check up in Boston

 We went to see Jaron's doctors in Boston at the children's hospital last week. Just Jaron and I flew up that morning went straight to the hospital and back to the airport to come home that evening.

The plane was full and it was hard to sleep but Jaron did nap a little on the way up there that morning.
I got some caffeine to try to wake up and prepare for a lot of walking.We got a taxi to get to the airport...there is always a line of them waiting to pick up people.

We went right to Plastic surgery department and they took lots of 3D images of Jaron and did a panoramic xray of his teeth. 
After pictures we went upstairs to the Cleft Clinic to meet with all his doctors. The waiting room is full of children just like Jaron and I think he feels comfortable there. We saw Dr. Shusterman and his fellows (docs in training) first. They determined by his xrays and an exam in his mouth that Jaron has "Slow Growth" and we will need to wait until next year to have his bone graft. They also said Jaron's back teeth line up good but he will need a palate expander for his top front teeth to be lined up with his bottom teeth. They can also work with our local dentist for the palate expander before he has the bone graft. Also learning from a mom in the waiting room that her son had the bone graft and the recover includes 12 WEEKS of pureed food, breaks my heart to think about it. 

Then we met with Dr. Mulliken, our favorite surgeon. He is amazing at what he does. This man is dedicated. He was even seeing patients in his office on his lunch when we were down there getting pictures made. He plans to fix Jaron's deviated septum during the bone graft next year. He measures everything on Jaron's face in Millimeters. He charts the average growth for each gender and ethnicity to estimate growth rate for the future babies that come to him for surgery. He always brags about Jaron's cupid bow and how nice the scars form when he puckers.

Ready to get on the plane.

We had some snacks on the plane ride home.

The airport has a playground where kids can play while waiting to board the plane.

There was some lightning in the sky beside us on the way home that night and it was a little uncomfortable but I prayed in Jaron's ear for God to protect us and bring us home safely and He did.