Friday, June 27, 2014

Field trip

I thought the boys would enjoy learning about Electricity and how it all works. So when I got the email from our local homeschoolers about a field trip to Jackson EMC, I signed us up! We of course showed up a few minutes late. LOL But we got to tour the inside of the offices where they sort the mail and slice the envelopes to take out check for payments on the accounts. It was really interesting (for me). 

Then we got to go outside and see the piles of telephone poles and all the rolls of power cords in the warehouse. 
They showed us how the equipment was made and how it has changed over time to improve durability in the weather. 
They talked about amps and volts. 
The guys outside at the bucket truck show us how they take all the safety measures to protect themselves while working on the lines. He told a story about falling off a pole one time.

But then I noticed the boys seemed to be more interested in the puddle of water and rocks on the ground.....
Maybe next time I will try to plan something a little more age appropriate. LOL