Saturday, January 11, 2014


So I finally made a doctor's appointment for myself and I went back for my shoulder and back muscles that have been hurting for months. She was very thorough and sympathetic for me and how have I dealt with this so long?

She noticed how swollen the muscles in my back were on the right side and suggested I start back on the muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds again. But this time instead of taking them only at night she said the muscle relaxers will help this heal if I take them 3 times a day as directed. The only problem with that is they make me drowsy.

She also sent me to the other office for an x-ray to make sure there wasn't anything else wrong. To my surprise the x-ray tech pointed out my spine is curved. She of course is not a doctor and was not diagnosing me with anything but she was nice enough to give me a copy of my x-rays on a disc.

I wonder if it's always been curved or is this something recent because of the swollen muscle or is this what caused the swollen back muscle??? I have so many questions now. Was I born with scoliosis and is that why I have headaches? Is there a cure or a way to fix this?

I am not sure but I have been taking the muscle relaxer for 5 days straight and it makes me so drowsy. I have a follow up with the doctor next week then an appointment with physical therapy next week also. I hope we can get this fixed so I can get back to normal {whatever that is}

Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Christmas & Anniversary

 One day right before Christmas I spiked the boys hair up after baths and took pictures. They all combed it down right after the pictures because they don't like it spiked up
 The boys all got new scooters for Christmas, new movies, shoes, boots, games, DS games and much more!
 Tonia, Tim & Terri (my brother and sister)
 We had a small Christmas play at our church and our three oldest boys were shepherds. They all had verses to quote and I sang "Mary did you know?"
 Chris's mother was here for 10 days to celebrate Christmas and visit with us. She loves to shop so we did a lot of that while she was here :-D

This was the day we were taking her to the airport. She was sad to leave and we had for her to go but she had to get back to work.
The day after Christmas we celebrated our 15th wedding anniversary and we went to Longhorn to eat dinner. Something we never do but it's nice once in a while. We sat down in a little booth and I noticed an elderly woman in the booth behind me sitting alone. I immediately felt bad for her, wondering if she was a widow.  We told our waitress it was our anniversary she congratulated us.We ate our meal and when offered dessert we declined. We waited patiently for the ticket, but instead the waitress brought us this dessert to share (I just assumed it was compliments of longhorn) Then she told us that one of the customers in the store took care of our bill. I of course had to ask was it the woman who just left and was sitting behind me. She wanted to remain anonymous. I have NEVER had that happen to me. I have heard so many stories of people "paying it forward"....

WHAT A BLESSING! We couldn't believe that a complete stranger would pay our bill and the dessert and left a tip for our waitress.

God does still take of those that want to live for him.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Family pictures

We recently had our photos done and we love how they turned out! It's hard to get all of our boys to smile at the same time so this was definitely a challenge.

Saturday, January 04, 2014

Chronic Pain

I haven't blogged in a while because my shoulder and neck have been hurting for 3-4 months. I don't remember what it's like to go a day without pain. The pain consumes me and it's hard not to talk about it or complain. I don't want to be that negative person. It's hard to think positive when I am always hurting. Over the past 6 months I have been on muscle relaxers and anti-inflammatory meds twice. No relief! I pay the boys to massage me daily and use Ice packs too. Nothing seems to ease the muscle tension in my right shoulder blade. So I have decided to become a lefty. Using my cell phone or the mouse on the computer is painful. Reaching up with my right hand and arm is miserable. Turning my head to the right HURTS! I just want one day without pain.

I am already a headache prone person so having this constant tension in my neck and shoulder instigates regular headaches. It seems like a viscous cycle. I need to get back to the doctor but just haven't found the time.

There is so much I want to blog about and share pictures but sitting here now typing this much I can feel the muscles tensing up more and more. I will overcome this! Just pray for me and I will post as soon as physically possible.