Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Healthy Eating

I have been learning to bake and I love it. Making something out of nothing is a good feeling.
Baking my first loaf of bread was fun! {And everyone liked it}

I have been making a lot of muffins too but can't get a
picture because they get eaten pretty quickly. Sometimes I make chocolate chip or blueberry. But the favorite muffins seems to be pancake batter with sausage crumbled inside. We dip them in syrup!!! DELICIOUS!

I have also been trying to get the boys to choose healthy snacks so I got this awesome food tray at Goodwill and one day I filled it with fruit and they chowed down!
Then I filled it with veggies another day and it took some encouraging to finish it but we finally ate everything on it.

I wish we could have a garden and grown our own food without all the chemicals and pesticides. I wish I knew how to live more self sufficient.

Maybe one day....