Monday, April 22, 2013

What about me!?

We went to the funeral home for a viewing and it was Jonah's first time (he remembers.) He was totally traumatized! When he saw the body he said "is that him?" And I said "yes but he's not in his body, his soul left and
went to heaven to be with Jesus" Jonah busted out crying WHAT ABOUT ME?! I don't wanna die! I wanna stay 5 years old." He cried so bad the whole time we were there and on the way home
he said "Jacob's gonna die first cause he's the oldest."
Jacob said "thanks for the encouragement"
Justus (2) said "me die too"
And because Jonah was obviously so upset chris said "nope i'm the oldest I die first" being silly. I said no Jonah we don't know when we will die its a surprise! As we came inside getting ready for bed he asked "whats hell like?"
I calmly said " a lake of fire"
Then he asked "who lives there?"
I answered "the devil"
He was crying a lot and shaking a little saying I dont wanna die. Then we brushed teeth and he crawled into bed very upset and I was trying to think of something I could say that would comfort him. Then I told him our pastors wife has a grandmother that is 103!!! I said she hasn't died yet. He said because shes behaving. (He remembered our lesson the night before at church where I taught the toddlers about God's promise to give us a long life if we obey our parents.) Ephesians 6
he said thats silly she can't even fit in the house! I quickly realized he thought at that age she must be very big as if to say we never stop growing. I said no Jonah we all stop growing when we are about 18 she just has lots of wrinkles and a tired body. He finally calmed down and fell asleep. What an experience!