Monday, April 15, 2013

I thought I was going to die....

I woke up last saturday 6th and had some toast with nutella on it then I ate a few prunes. Chris had been up all night the night before so he was sleeping. Around 8:30am my stomach started hurting and did NOT let up at all for SIX HOURS!

The pain was so bad I almost
puked twice and I was starting to feel lightheaded like I might pass out. I wasn't sure how much more I could take so I started to worry about the safety of the children if I did pass out while he was sleeping. So I decided to wake him up.

"Please call an ambulance!" I begged him not to bring all the boys to the hospital. I told him I would be ok to ride in an ambulance. He insisted on bringing me. So he quickly loaded the boys and packed a bag of snacks and diapers and I barely made it out to the car. I hardly remember the ride to the hospital. The pain was so severe I couldn't think clearly. 

He pulled me up to the door and the guy came out and helped me in a wheelchair. He parked the van and brought all the boys in with Justus in the stroller, Daddy was taking care of the boys and I was so proud even in that moment of pain and fear. I saw him taking care of our boys and keeping himself together even though I knew he was worried about me.

Justus in his stroller and me in the wheelchair doubled over in pain he looked at me and said "Mommy, boo boo?" I said "Mommy's belly hurts". He had a look of concern while I was holding back the tears so I wouldn't scare them.

They finally called my name and I made eye contact with the nurse so she knew it was me and she rolled me back to a room. Of course I was lucky enough to get a "paramedic" in training obviously. His answer to everything was "I don't know or I'm not sure". I begged them for pain meds and showed him my "good vein" where I used to donate. But he insisted on taking him time looking for a vein that was not in the bend of my arm. So when he finally decided to stick me on the other arm and proceed to DIG around I started crying. That is the worst pain ever on top of my stomach pain! I asked him to get the other nurse to please come help and guess where she put the IV~in the "good vein" in the bend of my elbow. It's totally fine she said, you can bend your arm but he insisted on torturing me......

Each time a nurse would come in to check on me or a doctor to examine me I would BEG them "Please hurry" It hurt so bad I wasn't sure what was wrong. I started to wonder if I was pregnant and didn't know. Finally after demerol to dull the pain some and an MRI they figured out my appendix was the cause. I need surgery and they didn't move fast enough!

Someone else was using the Operating Room~WHAT?!? I was dying and they made me wait! Another nurse comes in the clean my stomach with 3 ICE COLD wipes for 3 minutes. That was torture and all I could say was PLEASE HURRY! They switched me to a different bed to roll me to the OR and he was running down the halls, on the elevator. First elevator was broken had to go the long way to another elevator. 

I get in the OR and they proceed to take my glasses!!! "Woe Woe wait a minute I can't see without those please don't lose my Vera Bradley's" Then I had to get on the operating table and that was humiliating as they all gathered around me in my gown with nothing under it. I said "all the men need to turn around" The doctor said 'nothing we've never seen before." When I told them I needed to potty they said we'll give you a catheter after you go to sleep. I said "whatever you do don't tell me about it."

The mask went on my face and I was asleep and then I was awake. It seemed like it was all in them same 10 seconds. But the surgery actually took 18 minutes. My belly was so bloated up with air and I was sore but the pain was much more tolerable afterwards. Of course the morphine helped too!

My mom came to the hospital and Chris brought the boys up to see me. They all ended up going home with mom and he stayed with me for the night. It all happened so fast it was hard to believe. I laid around for a couple days until I couldn't stand it no more. I'm almost back to 100%. 

Now I just need to go see a neurologist today at 3:30 and figure out why I've had a headache everyday for a month.