Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Buggy Science Day

I got an email from the local homeschoolers group about this science day they were having and I thought the boys would love it so I signed them up. I only paid $5 per child and we
went last week to the church they used to have it in.

 Right off they started talking about different cultures that eat bugs and she offered the children and chance to try chocolate covered crickets! Jacob volunteered. I was grossed out but let him try it.
 He put one in his mouth and just stood there as if it was good acting as if he swallowed. The he stuck his tongue out and still had to whole thing in there and was too scared to bite it.
He finally crunched down on it and ran to the trash can to spit it out. He said it was nasty!
Then we talked about termites and how they eat through wood and put off a scent. She passed out paper and pens instructing us to draw a circle on the paper and then she put some tiny little termites on the paper and they followe around in circles on the ink line! It kinda smells like their natural scent.
 The termites were a lot smaller than I imagined.
 She had several flavored bugs for anyone who was brave enough to try one. Jacob ate one of these BBQ worms too!

Then she passed out rubber gloves and GIANT grasshoppers for disecting.

Of course Jacob was ready and willing but the other boys didn't want to touch them so we went outside on the play ground while the big kids did the gross stuff!

Jonah wore his bug shirt!

And it turned out to be a fun field trip with lots of other children there. Homeschooling is not always at home. We have field trips and make friends with other homeschool families all the time. A few weeks ago we went bowling.....but that's another post!