Monday, February 04, 2013

Wood Shop & Mess Free Fingerpainting!!!

The boys got these wooden toys for Christmas and they loved putting them together. We waited until the next day to paint them because the glue had to dry first.

And then I found this great idea online and wanted to try it out! Mess free fingerpaint. Justus was dying to get up and paint with the boys but he would have had it all over him. So as soon as they finished I squirted paint in 1gal baggies and taped it down to the counter. Jonah & Justus LOVED it!!!

There was no mess and sat still for atleast 30 minutes playing and making shapes and letters until......Jonah decided it would be cool to scratch a hole in his bag so he had orange paint on him and I had to trash his bag. Guess I could have taped it but I panicked. LOL