Thursday, February 21, 2013

Stomach {VIRUS}

OMGOSH this has been one of the worst weeks ever! All our boys were sick with this awful stomach virus that has apparently struck the whole country!

Throwing up and diarrhea is NO fun! Jaron started
puking first, last friday morning and then Jonah puked sunday and then Justus puked Monday and they all had the HORRIFIC diarrhea too! SO I didn't make them eat anything. I just made sure they were comfortable and drinking their water.

Everyone laid around for days feeling horrible. I got the doctor to call in some zofran because I didn't want to bring them all in and spread it more. So once they took zofran no one was puking just the other mess!

(But we only have one toilet so you can imagine the urgency of the situation.)

We gradually introduced saltine crackers then ramen noodle soup. And the zofran allowed them to eat but we all still suffered from stomach cramps. {I also got a touch of it.}

Justus is so raw from all the poop diapers and it doesn't always stay in the diaper if you know what I mean!

So that involved MORE laundry and a constant layer of blankets covering the living room carpet to protect it from the surprise vomit or poop accidents. We keep bowls and buckets laying around just incase someone was on the toilet and they couldn't make it back there in time.


FINALLY~today no one has had any medicine and they all kept down breakfast and lunch. Maybe we'll make our field trip tomorrow after all......

There is a light at the end of the tunnel......and it's not the train!